Ahosan Afroz (Shahin)

I’m a System & Web Developer, Programmer & Designer.
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Welcome to my Information Site - My Short Bibliography**

Hi, I am Ahosan Afroz (Shahin). I’ve been into computer programming for early years and also relevant experience of pc repair, hardware & software, networking troubleshooting and electronics, but I am focusing on about web programming, even though it usually looks like I’m doing “serious” or “online business enterprise” and development. For a years ago, I’ve done my course Major in Programming. It was a strange and somewhat accidental niche, but one that actually involved working on cool things languages LIKE Vb, html,css,Php/MySQL, JavaScript and Flash.

After that, I was still jobless, then on certain live freelances somewhere on a websites, that all felt sort of accidental too. But I did get to work with a lot of wonderful, amazing people, for real. But before all that, I used to work passively on progress programming, software development, game development, video special effect making, audio mixing, graphics design, logo layout, data encoding, article writing, web developing,web marketing(SEO+SMM) and so much more, I used to do it on purpose. (In fact, whenever I set out to work on something on purpose.

Even while at home “seriously”. I have always. Always worked on rendering engines in my spare time, Always. I started tinkering with 2D & 3D algorithms early years ago.

A few months ago, I’m tired to Job hunting here in Dhaka City, Bangladesh, for the express purpose of working on whatever I really, really want to work on. And it turns out that one of the things I really, really want to work on is an Web developer & help software , so that’s what I’m doing now. You can check out my working developments.